Winter Glamping Wonderland

Posted on November 26, 2014 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

The bugs, the birds and everything else is either hibernating or have flown South by this time of year but don't let the winter weather stray you away from your truly beloved..."Glamping." For those able to get away to warmer weathered states I envy you, now is the time to go Glamping. Florida, Arizona, California all have some of the best campgrounds still open for Glamping in a "Winter Wonderland." I live in Michigan so it's cold right now and I don't have the opportunity to get away BooHOOO :(. Our Airstream is safely sleeping and in storage waiting for the day it can wake up brush itself off and drive the highways again.

Right after the Holiday's, many State camp sites open up their campground bookings sites for the new 2015 Glamping season. Now is the time to start planning your getaway. Book early to get those premium Glamp spots because they book up REALLY quick. Those of you that are pro's know how to do it and believe it or not, I'm still learning! I'm still not giving away my favorite spots...stay tuned for more to come. Only a few more months.



-Glamper Girl



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